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munari materie plastiche

realization of PVC, PU and PPL articles

munari materie plastiche

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production of hf welded, die-cut and seamed

articles in PVC and POLIURETHANE

munari materie plastiche

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manufacturing of die-cut items

in PVC, PU and PPL

industrial and advertising creations

in HF welded PVC and PU

munari materie plastiche

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munari materie plastiche

high frequency welded, die-cut

and bordered items

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munari materie plastiche

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HF welding, die-cutting and seam

of sheet of plastic material


Do you have a product or an idea you would like to realize? You are in the right place: browse through our production sectors and you will find the answer to your expectations!


Our energy needs are self-produced: they come from renewable sources installed within our company.


Not only we do not produce fumes nor harmful waste, but we are also able to initiate to recycling all the waste of our processes.


Welcome to the Munari Materie Plastiche s.r.l. website

Our company produces in Italy, exclusively on order, H.F. welded, sewed and die-cut articles in sheet of plastic material (pvc, pur, ppl) always providing professional and at times curious and funny solutions to the requirements of several sectors. Any questions? Have a look at the F.A.Q but please do not be satisfied with them! Feel free to call or contact us by e-mail and ask for Gianni, Luisa and Alessia since our experience is at your full disposal. Trust us, read our General Sales Conditions, but if you are thinking about an innovative article and a Confidentiality Agreement could be useful, here it is. And now you can take a look at the Production Areas pages, or if you prefer, why don’t you browse through examples to… Or, even better, if you know the name of the working process or of the item you are looking for, type it in Search.


Munari Materie Plastiche s.r.l. – this is the present corporate name – is the evolution of the companies working plastic material founded in the 50s downtown Padova by our parents, Aida and Renato “Bruno” Munari. The company downstairs has now become a modern structure situated in the Production Settlements area in Sarmeola, on the Padana Superiore trunk road, between Padova and Vicenza. Apart from being thus easily reachable, it is really well connected to our partners.

Over sixty years experience are a precious resource that becomes indispensable since, as it was in the past, today as well the service we can provide to our customers still remains our company best introduction. We have covered a long route, always conforming to the market evolution past and present requirements. We do believe we can provide the answer to any sector demand, both in terms of working techniques and of final product, meeting or representing our customers’ requirements at best.

In the area dedicated to our products you may find the evidence of our presence in several sectors. Even though we cannot tell you the story of each one of the products we have realized so far, the results testify the care and attention we paid to their realization. The very same care and attention we’ll pay together to the realization of your ideas.

Do you have a project or a product you would like to realize?

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Leaflet and folding holder in die-cut PPL, customizable
Samples holder with pockets in high frequency welded PVC

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