Given the following.

That Mr. ____________________ residing in_____________________ is the exclusive owner of drawings, prototypes, technical experiences, data and other useful information, in the following all being identified as CONFIDENTIAL INFORMATION.

That Mr. ____________________ gives that CONFIDENTIAL INFORMATION the value of technical and commercial asset.

That Mr. ________________________ needs to disclose that CONFIDENTIAL INFORMATION to MUNARI MATERIE PLASTICHE SRL headquartered in SARMEOLA di RUBANO (PD) for this document represented by Mr. GIANNI MUNARI in its qualification as LEGAL RAPPRESENTANTE.

That this CONFIDENTIAL INFORMATION is revealed for the sole purpose of allowing MUNARI MATERIE PLASTICHE SRL to carry out a technical-economic estimation or assessment in view of the possible economic exploitation of such CONFIDENTIAL INFORMATION.

In view of this, the following is agreed.

The term CONFIDENTIAL INFORMATION, as used in this agreement, will include without limitation all the elements included in the technical information, data, projects, drawings, proposals, offers and other material related to the products as well as in the patent applications and in the patents as so far, or later, provided or disclosed by Mr. ________________________ to MUNARI MATERIE PLASTICHE SRL.

MUNARI MATERIE PLASTICHE SRL, however, will not use, without the written consent of Mr. __________________________ any CONFIDENTIAL INFORMATION except for the aforementioned purpose, that is to say, it will not disclose this CONFIDENTIAL INFORMATION to third parties, companies or institutions, except for the reasons of the following paragraph.

MUNARI MATERIE PLASTICHE SRL agrees to take all the necessary measures to ensure that its employees, collaborators, or others, who will necessarily have access to, or will obtain revelations in all or part of that CONFIDENTIAL INFORMATION, will held it in absolute confidentiality.

All drawings, prints, data, materials or other information provided by Mr._________________ to MUNARI MATERIE PLASTICHE SRL remain in property of Mr. _____________________ and will be considered on loan to MUNARI MATERIE PLASTICHE SRL only for the limited purpose specified above and MUNARI MATERIE PLASTICHE SRL cannot use, transfer, reproduce, copy any part of those drawings, prints, data or other information for other purposes without the specific written consent of Mr__________________.

At the end of the agreement MUNARI MATERIE PLASTICHE SRL must return to Mr. _________________________ any or all material, related to this agreement, it had been entrusted with by Mr.  _______________________ .

The specific CONFIDENTIAL INFORMATION, disclosed to MUNARI MATERIE PLASTICHE SRL, cannot be subjected to exceptions to the legislation of this act, simply because they may include general information in the public domain; however, Mr. __________________ acknowledges that MUNARI MATERIE PLASTICHE SRL keeps unaltered its prerogatives of disclosure and/or use and/or exploitation for anything that was already in its technical assets, even if not in the public domain.

No part of the content of this agreement, that is no revelation made on the basis of it, can be interpreted as a concession, to MUNARI MATERIE PLASTICHE SRL, of a license or of any other right relating to the material revealed, that is to any patent already granted, or that will then be granted, in relation to that material.

MUNARI MATERIE PLASTICHE SRL is committed to keeping Mr. _______________ promptly and regularly informed of all the results related to counts, tests, trials or audits, as well as to technical and technical-economic assessments.

If a supply or collaboration relationship is established, it will be governed by specific legal relationships, but it will always underact this agreement.

This agreement, which comes into force at the signing of the parties and ends after 3 (three) years except for the clauses that survive it, is cancelled in all or part if, directly or indirectly, Mr._____________ makes the features object to confidentiality public, in all or even only in part.


Applicable law: Italian law. Competent forum: Padua.


Done, read, accepted and subscribed


In SARMEOLA OF RUBANO (PD) , on _____________________

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