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In this page we tried to answer the questions we are more frequently asked. In any case, if you do not find the answer, please do not hesitate to contact us! Here are our contacts.

The answer to such a question is apparently simple: we do purchase different types of plastic material in transparent or coloured sheet, with different degrees of rigidity (or softness) and we realize both semifinished and finished objects whose names can also be directly found through Search or just taking a look at our ExamplesIn both cases, if the picture does not come up to your expectations, please put us to the test: we have fifty years of experience that make it possible to transform ideas into facts…made of plastic material!

We draw together the shape of the object we have to realize – starting from your own description of the desired result and using our working technique – and then we make a cost estimate. You’ll be amazed by the low incidence on each single piece.

We do not impose any minimum quantity! Sometimes we could just ask you to use up at least a roll of material or the minimum quantity we are requested by our supplier for the material we have to purchase on purpose for your order, but more often we do already have the suitable raw material in stock. Of course, the higher the requested quantity is, the better the machine equipment costs can be distributed and the difference is visible…

Of course. Apart from 20 (and more!) types of different materials that are always available in our stock and from the wide range always in stock at our suppliers’ warehouses, if we do reach the production minimum quantity, there is no limit to variety and fantasy!

Possible or even probable! But our desire is to submit a brand new personalized item to your attention. Why don’t you let us introduce one or more variations in the project in order to give your purchase your own mark, your own signature?

Let’s try! We have 1.850 moulds and, among them, a great number is modifiable in order to make your purchase absolutely unique.

You have to! We do believe it should be a free duty we could name “no incomprehensions”: a prototype, even if hand-made, will clear up all doubts you could have about the product compliance to your expectations. This is the first satisfaction we can give you. Punctuality and attention for each detail will then be compulsory. Put us to the test!

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